Art & Karen Bucki

To Whom It May Concern:

Several years ago, we selected Construction Unlimited to add a family room on to our home and remodel our kitchen. We knew the job would be challenging, as our home is very contemporary and unusual in design. We also knew we did NOT want to go through a nightmare building project like the one we endured when building the home itself in 1979.

We cannot say enough about how well this project was handled. Mark Frego and Jeff Gottschalk were very easy to work with, and knowledgeable about their trade. They offered us ideas and suggestions when we were in the planning stage, and also listened carefully to what we did and did NOT want! Once they began work on the project, they stuck with it: they did not create chaos at our home and then disappear for several weeks. Calls were always returned promptly, and any questions were answered thoroughly. We were kept informed of any cost increases/decreases as changes were made, which we ultimately decided to do as the project progressed.

In addition, we could trust Mark and Jeff to be in our home working without us having to be there to supervise at all times. My children did not feel uncomfortable coming home after school when they were working, and Mark and Jeff even went so far as to keep an eye on our dog when they were around! We did not feel we had to lock up personal belongings before they arrived.

Construction Unlimited did a superb job on our remodeling project. This can easily be seen by viewing their workmanship at our home, and we are always willing to let them bring prospective clients here to see their work. People are always amazed that the family room does not look like an “add-on”, but blends flawlessly with the adjoining rooms (both inside and out). This is what we like best about the room!

We think this was a difficult project that was handled perfectly by Mark and Jeff. We actually missed talking with them when the job was done, and went so far as to invite them and their wives back to view the “decorated” home a few months later. We would never have done that with the original builders of our home!

We would not hesitate to use Construction Unlimited again and, if were ever to build another home, they would be the ONLY company we would use!


Art & Karen Bucki