Construction Unlimited has been building and renovating homes and businesses in Livingston County since 1989. We are proud to have established a reputation of Integrity, Efficiency and Competency. Because we are a very diverse company, we are able to manage projects of all sizes, ranging from small family room additions to large commercial renovations. We offer a full range of contract delivery systems:

General Contract

Working with you after your prints are complete to supervise and build your project.

Design / Build

Working with you through design and prints. Then taking you into a general contract situation and building your project.

Construction Management

Working along with the owner from the beginning of the project, with emphasis on managing project costs, scheduling and owner participation.

Construction Unlimited, Inc. has the experience and versatility to handle all of your construction needs, large or small. Cost Plus, Lump Sum or Management. Our referral business is a good indicator of Construction Unlimited, Inc.’s ability to satisfy our customer’s needs.

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